Toolkit helps launch school leavers

The new School Leavers’ Toolkit aims to help students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed when they move into the wider world after school.

The Toolkit was announced by Education Minister Chris Hipkins today, who told students at Wellington High School, that the resource aims to help them launch successful lives after school. 

“We know there are necessary life skills and knowledge that you need when leaving school – which you may not have learned in your regular classes.

“This Toolkit is designed to make sure you are equipped for life after your schooling years.”

Visitors can use the website to learn more about how to apply for jobs or enrol in further education, go for interviews, vote, manage money properly, and look after themselves and their mental well-being.

There’s fun videos and lots of information to help students get ready for their next step after school, or for anyone looking for help on “how to be an adult” in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Students are invited to return to the site regularly, and learn more about what to expect and what to do to prepare for when they leave school. Teachers can also use the website as an in class resource.