School Leavers' Toolkit Budget 19 Update

Budget 19


The School Leavers’ Toolkit has received a second year of funding in Budget 2019 to continue the work that began last year. The vision of the School Leavers’ Toolkit is to increase opportunities for students aged 13-18 to learn key life skills before they leave school. These skills include financial literacy, civics, key workplace competencies and personal wellbeing.


Using the initial funding from Budget 2018, we talked with school communities (including teachers, parents, whānau and students), employers and business, non-government organisations and commercial partners about how an effective School Leavers’ Toolkit could work for them. As a result of our engagement, we developed this website to make it easier for schools to access educational tools and resources on key life skill topics. Working with schools, we also identified the need for some additional resources and these are currently in development.


With the new funding in Budget 2019, we will continue to develop and expand this website, while also creating a second website aimed at young people aged 16-24. This new website will feature key information on civics, financial literacy, workplace competencies and wellbeing.


In tandem with the development of this second website, we will continue to develop resources for schools and kura, with a particular emphasis on Māori medium resources.


We will also work with partner schools to understand how Toolkit learning can be sustainably integrated into local curriculum in a way that meets the needs of different school communities. We will be sharing our findings on this site.


We will continue to work with school communities, employers and business, non-government organisations and commercial providers to develop and deliver the School Leavers’ Toolkit initiative. We will be using this page to update on progress, so make sure you check it regularly.